anti spam

Emailing spam has become one of the most disturbing effects of using email. Technically speaking, spam is an abusive way of using internet messaging for unethical purposes. This is the effect of Internet boom and stopping email spam have become an urgent need for all the email users.

Spammers use special software which collects email addresses from the web. For example, the software finds a website which contains a contact email. This program grabs the address and sends this information to the spammer.

All these features are automatical and the software can collect thousands of addresses in a very short time. Then, the spammer will use these address to send unsolicited bulk emails with different messages ranging from commercial spam to phishing spam.



Anti spam software (known as anti spam) is a class of specialized programs which can detect and block unsolicited emails. The methods of blocking an email spammer are simple. All this software is connected to a database which contains a list of spammers. Email spam is detected automatically because of the behaviour of email senders or email contents.

anti-spam-listThe spammers send thousands of emails in a very short period of time with special programs. Anti spam software can detect received emails and send data to the database. If many emails are coming in a very short time to a lot of users the anti spam software detects automatically the email and inserts this address in the spammer database. This is just one method used by specialized anti spam software but spam catching can be done in multiple ways in the same time.

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