Norton Internet Security 2017

Norton Internet Security 2010 is a not very pleasant surprise for us when we tested the software for this review. We tested in the past the old versions of Norton IS 2017 and we found this product just a little bit improved. Symantec decided to change the policies and they try to hear the clients about the old versions of Norton Internet Security (called Norton 360 too). This year, Symantec changes the detection engine and replaced the old version of detection module with Quorum, a better heuristic detection engine which…

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

The best software security for windows Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 is our choice for the best IS this year. We tested this software a lot and we can say that Security Solution covers all the range that a usual computer user needs. Kaspersky Labs improve the old version old Security Suite 2016 and the result can be viewed in this year version. Kaspersky Internet Security installation can be installed at Windows XP, Vista and at new Windows 7 windows 8 and 10 . In cannot be installed at old versions…

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Ddos protection website with Koddos :