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Hackers become more dangerous with every day that passes because the world of Internet still allows this mode of operation. Many networks and computers have open gateways to networks, which makes hackers’ attacks possible most of the times.

Firewall software is a type of specialized programs used to block hackers’ attacks and intrusions which come from networks. This type of software is different by normal antivirus programs. The firewalls block networks attacks while the antiviruses block and prevent small pieces of malicious software from destroying your data.

Without a good firewall installed, your computer will practically be exposed to any intrusion. One solution is using a physical component, a router for example. The router appears to the attacker under the form of a computer and the attack will be stopped when the hacker is blocked by the router gateways.

firewall-programs-anti-hackerAnyway, it is more expensive to have a good firewall software instead of a physical device (router). Modern firewalls have advanced capabilities and features. All these abilities turn firewall programs into the best weapons against internet attackers.

software kasperskyFirewall software use more specialized techniques to stop hackers intrusions in networks and personal computers. These methods are include the use of packets filtering technology, gateway applications, proxies to filter packets or circuit level gateways used for the same purpose. These are just important capabilities and methods used by best firewall programs.


Which is the best firewall software ?

We have tested five powerful firewall applications used to block intrusions in computers by the network. Our top five best firewall software is: Here best software

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