McAfee Internet Security 2017

McAfee Internet Security 2017

McAfee-Internet-Security-2009McAfee Internet Security Suite 2017 is other candidate tested for our top ten best… purpose. This software is projected by McAfee, a brand security producer. We tested McAfee Web Security 2016 in different environments and we found that soft is strongest enough to offer your computer high virus protection if you don’t surf the net frequently. McAfee it requires a good computer because this version of program use a lot of memory and processor to run in background or when you scan your computer. You want discover and sales Kaspersky here ?


The 2017 version of McAfee Internet Security can be downloaded for free from producer site in trial version or can be downloaded for free directly from our website. The trial version on McAfee Web Security Suite is available 30 days for free. After this trial period you must purchase your full license of soft directly from MCAfee website.

McAfee detection

McAfee is efficient for detection of known viruses and malware. This version of software has a new detection engine, called Artemis. This heuristic detection engine was tested in our labs and we found that version not very reliable.

Artemis is good in detection of viruses and malware threats but is very low in performance if you want to detect new and unknown threats.

McAfee Internet Security engine is almost incapable to detect a danger if the signature of virus is not present in the database. Updates are essential if you want to run this software in safe way. McAfee heuristic engine it has a very low detection rate, and behavioral detection needs to be much improved in the next versions.

Installation process is simple and intuitive for a usual computer user. The installer run quickly and you are protected by the threats just after few clicks. McAfee Internet Security was tested by independent laboratories that found this version of McAfee at medium level in detection of malware and viruses. Anyway, is a little better than other Internet Security Suites competitors.

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