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Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

The best software security for windows

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 is our choice for the best IS this year. We tested this software a lot and we can say that Security Solution covers all the range that a usual computer user needs. Kaspersky Labs improve the old version old Security Suite 2016 and the result can be viewed in this year version.

Kaspersky Internet Security installation can be installed at Windows XP, Vista and at new Windows 7 windows 8 and 10 . In cannot be installed at old versions of Windows OS. Installation process runs smoothly and fast. If you buy Kaspersky license you’ll see that software offers you in the same money three different licenses. You can install Kaspersky Internet Security at 3 different computers and you can protect all these computers with just one license.

You can install KIS 2016 in custom mode if you want. In this way you have advanced control to all the components of this Security Suite. You may choice to configure parental control shield (or to stop this feature) or other antivirus shield configurations.

This version of Kaspersky Internet Security let you to choose or not sending of anonymous data to antivirus laboratories. The new heuristic engine is called Urgent Detection System. All data with threats problems are sending to Kaspersky Labs and the new discovered signatures are introduced in updates.


The firewall is installed by default if you don’t specify that you don’t want this section to be installed. The updater is configured by default to runs update in automatically way but you can choose to do these updates by hand, is you setup the updater to manually mode.


After installation od Kaspersky Security Suite 2016 is not necessary to do a restart to your computer. This is a difference because the old version of Kaspersky requires reboot to finalize the installation process. After finishing the installation KIS 2017 warning you about virus definition which are obsolete and must be renewed. You must perform update process which add new virus signatures in the database. Our advice is to perform the installation in the simple way if you are not an advanced user.


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