Security software

Antivirus and firewall software represents two different categories of protection programs, with very specialized role in computer security industry. On our website you can find free advice about how to choose the best anti virus and firewall program to protect with maximum of effect your PC against unwanted threats.

The antivirus program is projected to eliminate unwanted virus infiltrations. Viruses are small pieces of code which can access resources from the infected PC and plays different roles. A part of infiltrations are dedicated to destroy data from the hard drive, other viruses steal different private info from the infected PC. The purpose of a virus is usually to make from computers, accessible entities or to destroy important data from hard drives, without any material advantage for the virus creator.


However, a large part of viruses launched on the Internet are created by the antivirus producers. In this way, the public is determined to buy different types of antiviruses to assure their computer protection against this type of web threats.


Comparing with antivirus, the firewall software is made to protect the PC’s against other types of threats: the hackers. This type of problem is determined by the unsecured networks and low protected computer ports. To be protected against the hackers you must have blocked the communication gateways from exterior.


The best firewall is a physical firewall. For this purpose it can be used specialized hardware firewall but the price for this solution is very high for a home user. For example, Barracuda produces very good specialized hardware fire wall, but the price is still high for an average computer user. Other solution for home is using of a router which separate the computer from the network.

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